Make a small donation to the charity organization of your choice and your name will be engraved on the monumental glass sculpture, where it will stay … FOREVER!

The Sculpture’s planned site in Mozirje, Slovenia

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Every donor who contributes at least $20 to the charity organisation of their choice will be inscribed into the sculpture. If you choose to donate anonymously, I will not receive any of your personal data, so your name will not be placed on the sculpture nor on this site.

It is solely your choice to whom and how much you are prepared to donate, but there is a set minimum donation of $20, if you want to participate in this project.

Only if you donate $20 (or more) your name will be engraved on the sculpture! Of course, if you choose to donate anonymously, we can not place your name on the sculpture nor on this site.

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My goal is to raise $10 million in six months, which I am unable to do with the help of regular campaigns. That is why in order to succeed the project needs half a million donors from around the world. Are you one of them?

I am certain that this goal can be achieved, but I can only make it happen with your help and support. You can also share our vision with your friends, co-workers, neighbours, and anyone else you think can make a difference.

This is not MY project, it is OUR project. I started it, but I need YOUR help to finish it. The future of this project lies in your hands. It is up to you whether it will succeed or not. I am convinced that with your help we can set an example that even in these chaotic and turbulent times everything is possible.

My vision is to build the sculpture with a deeper message: We, the people, all carry so much good in our hearts, regardless of our gender, race, or religious and political convictions.

We can unite our strengths and work together, despite the differences amongst us.

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My name is Marijan. I am just an ordinary guy running a small business here in Slovenia. During the financial crisis in 2008 I lost almost everything I owned. But despite of my situation I never lost my hope and determination.

In fact it was my very determination that helped me put this project together. There were only a few individuals that were willing to listen to me. Even fewer believed in my project and/or in me. Only because of their help I was able to start this project, right here in Slovenia.

Below I am explaining this project on national Slovenian TV station …

First of all, I want to prove that it can be done!

I want to show people that an ordinary person can achieve something that surpasses their abilities and succeeds in spreading the idea outside their village, city, or country. I want to show the world that we can achieve our goal without large systems and greedy institutions behind them. I want to show everyone that a small group of people is capable of great things, as long as we unite and combine our forces and efforts.

My goal is to show the world that despite the differences in gender, race, religious and political convictions, we are all equal. We are all human; we want to be loved, respected and to live a satisfying and accomplished life.

Together and united. That is why this is also a story about bees. Bees are excellent team workers, and their role in the survival of our planet cannot be overstated. They help us keep our planet alive.

With your help I want to set up a sculpture that will grow with each and every donation. It will serve as testament that mankind is willing and able to make our world a better place. This project will not simply end after the six month period. The sculpture will stay at its resting place and the website will remain active, although I cannot say what will happen with the internet itself in the next 20 years.

Please, remember: this is not MY project, it is OUR project. Only united, as a group, we will be able to achieve our goal and to leave a permanent mark in history. I am the one who started the project, but I will need your help to finish the goal. Without YOU the project will be unable to succeed.

The inspiration for the sculpture is drawn from nature, more precisely from bees. A honeycomb optimally uses the available space, and is also connected to our main focus point – the hardworking bee.

The sculpture’s planned site will be in small town Mozirje, located at the beginning of the Slovene valley Savinjska dolina. It ends with another breathtaking valley called Logarska dolina, which is regarded as the hidden treasure of Kamnik-Savinja Alps. This valley is home to many friendly people who are willing to try out new approaches and develop new ideas. People who dare to be different.

Come and see for yourself!

The sculpture will be shaped like a honeycomb. The bees represent community, diligence, selflessness, and life. It was Mr. Oskar Kogoj who proposed that the sculpture could take on the shape of a honeycomb. Mr. Oskar Kogoj is a renowned artist and designer who will create a statue for the sculpture’s centrepiece – a bee.


The local story of the bee fits perfectly into the global aspect of this project. One bee alone is not as successful as a whole hive. The whole hive, on the other hand, can pollinate a large area, and produce more honey. Bees are busy workers who contribute to the survival of our planet.

I cannot finish this project by myself. Only if each of us contributes a small piece of the puzzle does this project have a chance of becoming successful. Whether helping with a donation to a charity organization of your choice or with a contribution that will help me to build the sculpture, or simply by spreading the news about the project, every effort will be invaluable.

Only if we combine our hearts, strength, and knowledge can we hope to make a difference!


Make a small donation to the charity organization of your choice and your name will be engraved in a monumental glass sculpture, where it will stay forever!

You can donate a relatively modest contribution to the organization of your choice. After you have made your donation, we will inscribe your name on the monumental glass sculpture. This donation will give you the opportunity to leave a permanent mark in history!

With the help of businesses (Supporters) from Slovenia I will build a sculpture, which will be shaped as a honeycomb. It will become a symbol of our charitableness. To reach my goal I must gather half a million donors; or in other words half a million names.


No, this is certainly no joke. I have been preparing and developing this project for nearly two years. It was hard to find a plot of land where the sculpture could stand. It was also hard to draft the project and launch it. Until this point I had received no help from municipalities or state institutions. I am also working without private investors.

I can imagine that the project could have been carried out better, but it is the most I could pull off as an individual with my limited recourses. I started it, but I will need YOUR help to finish our goal.

I have invested nearly two years of hard work and all the resources I had available at that point. If you have any ideas on how to improve the project and are willing to volunteer, you can contact me at any time :-).

No, certainly not. As explained above, I have no control over your donations. The platform Ammado and several transaction companies are in charge of the payments. I am solely using their widget, and make no money off of your donations.

The payment does not go through my website. You are redirected to a secure and protected site, where you can complete your donation.

The names, surnames and countries of all donors (except the anonymous ones) will be engraved into the sculpture. The sculptures planned site is located in Mozirje, a beautiful place in the Slovene valley Savinjska dolina. The shape of the sculpture draws its inspiration from nature – from the honeycomb. Each comb will consist of toughened glass plates (6 mm) placed on concrete construction and will have the same colour as the real honeycomb. Each plate will carry inscribed names of all the donors. The combs will be placed as separate units, so that people can walk between them (a 4 m wide space between them). Each comb will be equipped with entrance/exit point.

Why glass? Mostly such monuments are made out of stone. I decided to choose glass. I chose glass because of the lower price and easier processing.

My goal is to raise $10 million in six months, which I am unable to do with the help of regular campaigns. This means half a million donors for 14 combs. If the project succeeds, it will not be limited by the six-month period. It will grow as long as good and kind people will walk the earth.

Your name, surname and country will be inscribed into the glass plate and placed inside or outside a honeycomb. Your data will also be visible on web page Donors. Your data will be gathered only with your consent. Amongst the data collected I will also receive information about your email. I will only use your email address to keep you informed about the progress of the project. I will not distribute or share your email with any third party.


If you decide not to donate and not to support the construction and building process of the sculpture, you can still help me. Share my story among your family, friends, relatives, co-workers, and others. Spread the news! You can also publish my story on social networks and local media. I would be sincerely thankful if you could use all the channels at your disposal to help me and my message be heard.

What will you get in return? Even if you do not make a donation or help raise funds for the sculpture’s construction, you will become a part of the story by sharing it.

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Together we can make a difference!

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