Rest assured that we are going to build a remarkable sculpture. I convinced Mr. Oskar Kogoj to join me and to participate in this project.

OSKAR ANDREJ KOGOJ, who was born on the 23rd of November 1942 in Miren near Gorica (Slovenia), is a world-famous industrial designer, academic and, above all, an artist.

He has participated in numerous group exhibitions since 1963 and has had many solo exhibitions since 1970. His works of art are kept in more than 100 museums and permanent collections all over the world. He has exhibited his works in more than 350 exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad, and since 1969, he has received more than 50 different international awards and recognitions for his outstanding work.

Oskar Kogoj, a Slovenian design icon, can create unforgettable shapes through his touch and charisma. His designs do not only go down in the history of design but also touch the souls of those who obtain his creations.

He is highly sensitive to the integration of the human soul with the laws of nature, and therefore his ideas are combinations of the transcendental with the material reality. We should not forget that he is deeply committed to Slovenian tradition and open to the world as a whole at the same time. He is a great explorer of the forgotten knowledge of old civilisations, a worshipper of nature and a seeker of the truth.

Oskar Kogoj’s productions are of high quality and originality and are also profound in terms of the communication of ideas. They contain elements of heritage, and as such, they provide information about Slovenian culture and creativity to people all over the world.