Terme Olimia

“I welcome the initiative of Mr. Ogorevc. His project, “Your name forever”, proves that it is possible, given the right idea (and with the successful implementation of that idea), to push the limits toward the impossible. The project is very special indeed, completely different from everything previously seen and could as such, in my opinion, significantly contribute to the greater recognition of Slovenia abroad.”

Zdravko POČIVALŠEK, univ. dipl. ing. agr.
Director of Terme Olimia, d.d. and the president of the Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia

Steklarna Hrastnik

“I welcome the innovative approach of Mr Ogorevc in the preparation of the project “Your Name Forever.” With its clear goals, sophisticated action plan and innovative approach, the project has all the necessary potential to improve the visibility of Slovenia, its tourism and economy in the world. I will be delighted to follow all the progress that this important project achieves in the future.”

Andrej Božič, General Manager of the Steklarna Hrastnik glassworks

Turistica univerza na Primorskem
Banka turističnih priložnosti Slovenije

“The “Your Name Forever” project addresses the less well-known area of large numbers (responses, visits, charity, …) with great potential for the local environment where it will be carried out. In the globally connected world of today, the rules are changing, a little can quickly become a lot, and vice versa. Mr. Ogorevc aspires for greatness, so to him, to the selected destination and to Slovenia I wish the best of luck. This project namelly highlights what we wish for the most: visibility of Slovenia in the world, courage of heart, perseverance and sound plans to achieve the target.”

dr. Dejan Križaj, University of Primorska, Faculty of Tourism Studies – Turistica
Conceptual project manager of the Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia

Four Points by Sheraton

“The idea of Mr. Ogorevc is based on innovation and creativity, with its special feature – the charity. Slovenian tourism and its competitiveness require a seal that symbolizes respect, knowledge and progress. I believe the project “Your Name Forever” could achieve all that. To Mr. Ogorevc I wish plenty of courage, perseverance and courage in carrying out the project, about which I have no doubt.”

Jure Kumljanc, Marketing & PR Agent, Four Points by Sheraton Ljubljana Mons

Občina Mozirje

“There are few such innovative projects, as that created by Mr. Ogorevc. The project combines humanitarian sense toward other people as well as entrepreneurial spirit. I am glad that our municipality – The Municipality of Mozirje was recognized as appropriate for this unique and long-term project to take place here. The beauty of nature, orderliness and kindness – these are the advantages of our environment and I am sure that this idea will flourish. I believe in the “enthusiasm” of Mr. Ogorevc that will succeed in raising the profile of our municipality.”

Mayor of Municipality of Mozirje
Ivan Suhoveršnik

Oskar Kogoj

“The Project “Your name forever” on a global scale, and with its physical manifestation in Slovenia, wants to prove that people are basically good and still willing to help their fellow man in need, especially the helpless and innocent children. My challenge was to connect the global story with the typically local, Slovenian story. For the Slovenian part of the story, I chose Carniolan Honey Bee, as a symbol of hard work, humility, mutual assistance, selfless love, not least as a symbol of Slovenia, as the Carniolan Honey Bee was an indigenous inhabitant of this area for millions of years. Too few are aware that without bees there would be no life. The tireless honey bees collect honey and pollinate, thus allowing life, but they are modest and connected with nature, the same as the people of Slovenia. ČE BELA = BOŽANSKA. (“HONEY BEE = DIVINE”). The image is in the making in the Oskar Kogoj Studio. Congratulations to the project.”

Oskar Kogoj


“The project “Your name forever” surprised me because of its very different approach to the promotion of Slovenia. Since nothing similar has yet been created anywhere else in the world, I trust the author, that it is possible to put Slovenia at the headlines of the world media by using an innovative approach and a unique idea. In addition, this would also open the possibility for a free promotion for Slovenia as a whole. As a result, specific and very real revenues throughout the tourism industry and also in the export industry would be created. The author has namely decided to use the planned visits to the website “Your name forever”, thus adding a catalog of Slovenian exporters and tour operators. This catalog presents providers in a transparent and interesting way – not only with the use of the title and logo, but with a more comprehensive presentation, where the emphasis is on video as a medium that tells more in less time. I would definitely recommend the participation in this project”

Marko Skok, CEO, Pfeifer d.o.o.