This is your project. Why should I help you?2014-12-17T18:43:07+01:00

If you help me, I will help you. The one-time payment serves as a promotion of your company and will stay there until the end of time. I hope to stir up the interest of the public and media, which will hopefully help me introduce the project to a broader audience.

I will also track the number of visitors that come to this web page. You can see the current number at the right bottom side of the page. If you wish, I can also send you the Google Analytics analysis.

Your name or your company’s logo will get a permanent place on the sculpture. I expect that more than a million visitors will come to look at the sculpture. Keep in mind that Mozirje already attracts numerous tourists from around the world.

It is likely that your contribution will turn into one of the best marketing strategies your company has ever had.

Why do you need my contribution?2015-06-07T13:19:49+01:00

The contributions will be used for the construction and installation of the sculpture, for arranging its planned resting spot and for covering other expenses (website hosting, …).

The sculpture will be shaped as a honeycomb. Each comb will be 2 m high, and each side will be 4 m long. The names of all donors and contributors will be engraved at a height of 0.7 m to 1.7 m. The names will be placed on the outside as well as the inside of each comb. Every comb will be accessible through entry/exit point. The space between the combs will be 4 m wide, so that visitors will be able to move more freely.

One comb will have room for 36,000 names. If I am able to attract half a million donors, I will be able to set up 14 combs. That is why I will need more than 500 square meters of tempered glass in order to engrave half a million names. The glass plates will be attached to a bas made out of concrete. I will also have to arrange and organize the paths, entrance and exit points, etc. The costs amount to around $200,000.00.

After the campaign the project will still continue. I hope that the project will evolve and that donations will never stop.

What do you get from it?2016-10-21T18:11:51+01:00

Because I am a businessman, I have my own strategy on how to create some profit. The strategy will only work if I will achieve my goal. All of your contributions will be used to build the sculpture. I will not receive any money. If I wish to achieve my goal, I will need to attract at least 100 million visitors to my web page. I plan to incorporate a few advertisements, and earn some money with them.

If the project evolves as expected, I will be able to add a booking system so that tourists will be able to book a room, apartment, suite in a hotel, etc. I will also be entitled to a certain percentage of that income.

When the tourists visit the sculpture, they will also have a chance to buy a souvenir or two. Some of that money will also flow into my pocket :-).

What will happen, if you do not attract enough contributors?2015-06-07T13:22:04+01:00

This is a game of numbers and percentages. The more visitors the site attracts, the more donations will be made. More visitors on the site means more chances you, the entrepreneur, will jump onboard and help me out. If, or better when, you join me, you will become a part of a positive global story. Due to your one-time payment, you will get a lot of attention and promotion opportunities. I am convinced that my offer is so original and good that many will decide to become a part of this story.

If the project fails and I manage to attract only a couple of thousand donors, I can pay for the construction and installation of the sculpture by myself. But, as already said, more donations mean more supporters.

Funds for building the sculpture are also gathered on a supportive project “Best from Slovenia” where best Slovenian exporters and tourism companies are presenting themselves.

Later on I plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo platform.

I would rather wait and decide later2014-12-17T18:50:53+01:00

You can monitor the number of visitors and the media reactions. Then you will see for yourself that you do not want to miss out on this opportunity. Upon request I can also send you the Google Analytics analysis. Do not forget that you will also be able to present yourself or your company on our web page. Time is of the essence – you may be losing thousands of customers, business partners, and potential buyers every single day.

What is this all about?2016-10-21T18:11:51+01:00

You can donate a relatively modest contribution to the organization of your choice. After you have made your donation, we will inscribe your name on the monumental glass sculpture. This donation will give you the opportunity to leave a permanent mark in history!

My goal is to raise $10 million in six months, which I am unable to do with the help of regular campaigns. In my case, this project is a one-man operation with a limited budget. The majority of the donated money goes to the charity organization of your choice (93%). The other 7% are deducted to cover the fees of the platform Ammado and the transaction itself. I do not earn or keep any money!

With the help of individuals and business from around the world I will build a sculpture, which will be shaped as a honeycomb. It will become a symbol of our charitableness. To reach my goal I must gather half a million donors; or in other words half a million names.

You must be joking!2014-12-17T18:53:07+01:00

No, this is certainly no joke. I have been preparing and developing this project for nearly one year. It was hard to find a plot of land where the sculpture could stand. It was also hard to draft the project and launch it. Until this point I had received no help from municipalities or state institutions. I am also working without private investors.

I can imagine that the project could have been carried out better, but it is the most I could pull off as an individual with my limited recourses. I started it, but I will need YOUR help to finish our goal.

I have invested a whole year of hard work and all the resources I had available at that point. If you have any ideas on how to improve the project and are willing to volunteer, you can contact me at any time :-).

Is this another rip-off?2014-12-17T18:54:03+01:00

No, certainly not. As explained above, I have no control over your donations. The platform Ammado and several transaction companies are in charge of the payments. I am solely using their widget, and make no money off of your donations.

The payment does not go through my website. You are redirected to a secure and protected site, where you can complete your donation.

The Sculpture2015-06-07T13:11:09+01:00

Your name, surname and country will be engraved into the glass and placed inside a honeycomb. The sculpture’s resting spot will be Mozirje, found at the beginning of the Slovene valley Savinjska dolina. The sculpture is shaped like a honeycomb.

Each comb will consist out of toughened glass plates (6 mm) and coloured the same as the real honeycomb. Each plate will carry engraved names of all the donors. The combs will be placed as separate units, so that people could walk between them. Each comb will be equipped with an entrance and exit point.

Why glass? Mostly such monuments are made out of stone. I decided to choose glass because of the lower price and easier and faster processing.

My goal is to raise $10 million in six months, which I am unable to do with the help of regular campaigns. This means half a million donors for 14 combs. If the project succeeds, it will not be limited by the six month period. It will grow as long as good and kind people walk the earth.


Your name, surname and country will be inscribed into the glass plate and placed inside or outside a honeycomb. Your data will also be visible on our web page under “Donors”. Your data will be gathered only with your consent. Amongst the data collected we will also receive information about your email. I will only use your email address to keep you informed about the progress of the project. We will not distribute or share your email with any third party.

Click on the picture. The pop-up will contain the exact dimension of the names on the sculpture (1:1).

About ammado Giving Widget2016-10-21T18:11:51+01:00

ammado widget allows donations to be made directly to fundraisers or nonprofits on any website, blog or intranet. Anybody can get the Giving Widget. By adding a small piece of code to your website, you can start receiving donations in all the currencies and payment methods that ammado accepts.

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The sculpture’s planned site2016-10-21T18:11:51+01:00

The sculpture’s resting spot will be Mozirje, located at the beginning of the Slovene valley Savinjska dolina. It ends with another breathtaking valley called Logarska dolina, which is regarded as the hidden treasure of Kamnik-Savinja Alps. This valley is home to many friendly people who are willing to try out new approaches and develop new ideas. People who dare to be different. Come and see for yourself!


The shape of the sculpture draws its inspiration from nature – from the honeycomb. Each comb will consist of toughened glass plates (6 mm) and will have the same colour as the real honeycomb.

Each plate will carry inscribed names of all the donors. The combs will be placed as separate units, so that people can walk between them (a 4 m wide space between them). Each comb will be equipped with an entrance/exit point.