Do you want your name to stand out from the crowd?

Maybe you want to participate as a company and have your logo and a slogan graved on the sculpture?

As the building process is not paid from donations, I need your help to build the sculpture.

Read below what you can get if you support this project.

Help me build this sculpture!

I am not looking for sponsors, I am looking for business partners who understand this project and it’s potential and who are willing to invest in marketing through this project. Simply put, it is advertising. One single payment gives you advertising space on this website and on the sculpture – forever!

Your payments will be used to build the sculpture. My goal is to raise $10 million donations in six months. That means that I need half a million donors and as many names. Such a large number of donors can only be achieved with the help of a website that will attract more than 100 million visitors. This will only be possible with the help of media, social media and a bit of luck. As you know, stories sell.

If you decide to participate as a company, you will gather as much media attention as the whole project. Not only for a day or one month, but your ad will stay on my website and on the sculpture forever. Endless possibilities await with only one single payment.

Largest supporters will allways be listed at the bottom of this homepage, all suporters will be listed on a page Supporters. If we are able to achieve the set goal of 100 million visitors, this will certainly be a great advertising opportunity for your company.

You will also get a spot on the sculpture. If the project succeeds, people from around the world will come to see the sculpture.

A single payment will enable you to inscribe your company, brand, and message into the sculpture for all time. All supporters who help me to build the sculpture will be inscribed in a special comb – the central part of the honeycomb. This particular comb will be furnished with a bee in the centre. It will be the actual and symbolic centre of the entire honeycomb. Everyone will enter this area to see the central part. That means that all these people will see your company, slogan, and presentation. I expect that the sculpture will attract a million visitors in the period of 2 years.


Additionally, you will receive a whole web page, where you will be able to represent your company. The company that makes a larger contribution will be on the first, front page. I expect to attract 100 million visitors in a period of 6 months.

It is likely that your contribution will be the best marketing strategy your company has ever planned. A single contribution will enable you a permanent place on the web site as well as the structure.

Further details can be found online. Each contribution determines what you will receive in return.

The lowest contribution starts at $500: this means that you will receive an inscribed sign (10 cm x 2 cm) and a page on our website. All you need to do is also to create your own advertisement for the website and the sculpture. The letters engraved are colourless.

Further details …



It is likely that your contribution will turn into one of the best marketing strategies your company has ever had.

If you help me, I will help you. The one-time payment serves as a promotion of your company and will stay there until the end of time. I hope to stir up the interest of the public and media, which will hopefully help me introduce the project to a broader audience.

You found this website, so will others. Lots of them, hopefully. Of course I will track the number of visitors that come to this web page. You can see the current number at the right bottom side of the page. If you wish, I can also send you the Google Analytics analysis.

Your name or/and your company’s logo will get a permanent place on the sculpture. I expect that more than a million visitors will come to look at the sculpture in next two years. Keep in mind that Mozirje (sculpture`s planned site) already attracts numerous tourists from around the world.

Your payments will be used for construction and installation of the sculpture, for arranging its planned resting spot and for covering other expenses.

The sculpture will be shaped as a honeycomb. Each comb will be 2 m high, and each side will be 4 m long. The names of all donors and contributors will be engraved at a height of 0.7 m to 1.7 m. The names will be placed on the outside as well as the inside of each comb. Every comb will be accessible through entry/exit point. The space between the combs will be 4 m wide, so that visitors will be able to move more freely.

One comb will have room for 36,000 names. If I am able to attract half a million donors, I will be able to set up 14 combs. That is why I will need more than 500 square meters of tempered glass in order to engrave half a million names. The glass plates will be attached to a bas made out of concrete. I will also have to arrange and organize the paths, entrance and exit points, etc. The costs amount to around $200,000.00. But of course it all depends on the number of donors. More donors, higher cost.

After the campaign the project will still continue. I hope that the project will evolve and that donations will never stop.

Because I am a businessman, I have my own strategy on how to create some profit. The strategy will only work if I will achieve my goal. All of your payments will be used to build the sculpture. If I wish to achieve my goal, I will need to attract at least 100 million visitors to my web page. I plan to incorporate a few advertisements, and earn some money with them.

If the project evolves as expected, I will be able to add my own booking system so that tourists will be able to book a room, apartment, suite in a hotel, etc. I will also be entitled to a certain percentage of that income.

When the tourists visit the sculpture, they will also have a chance to buy a souvenir or two. Some of that money will also flow into my pocket :-).

This is a game of numbers and percentages. The more visitors the site attracts, the more donations will be made. More visitors on the site means more chances you will jump onboard and help me out. If, or better when, you join me, you will become a part of a positive global story. Due to your one-time payment, you will get a lot of attention and promotion opportunities. I am convinced that my offer is so original and good that many will decide to become a part of this story.

If the project fails and I manage to attract only a couple of thousand donors, I can pay for the construction and installation of the sculpture by myself. But, as already said, more donations mean more supporters.

Funds for building the sculpture are also gathered on a supportive project “Best from Slovenia” where best Slovenian exporters and tourism companies are presenting themselves.

Later on I plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo platform.

You can monitor the number of visitors and the media reactions. Then you will see for yourself that you do not want to miss out on this opportunity. Upon request I can also send you the Google Analytics analysis. Do not forget that you will also be able to present yourself or your company on this web page. Time is of the essence – you may be losing thousands of customers, business partners, and potential buyers every single day.
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