Today I am launching this website and the project. I can`t say what will happen, it all depends on you.

Whatever happens, I am sure the project is good. If it fails it will fail because I did not explain it good enough. So, early birds, you are very welcome to comment and criticize. All your comments will help me to develop a better project, even if that means to redesign it.

On this News section I will be posting everything about this project and it`s development.

I am not a native English speaker and my English is more or less basic. I decided not to use professional translators for these posts I will be writing here. I have nothing very complicated to say and as I am not going to translate this website (for now) to other languages, I think with this basic English I can reach more people, including those who are not very familiar with English. I do not wish to debate about the importance of this or any other language, the fact is that English is the only language, beside Slovenian, that I can “speak” or “write”.